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29 June 2012

A Great Designer's Resume Should...

...be memorable, amaze and excite right? Thats why today I'm sharing an inspirational and innovative resume that makes me want to put the effort in and create such a cool replication for future employment. After all if you're a designer or creative individual, using a method that utilises QR codes such as this will put you up and over the standard paper format...providing your future employer has a QR code scanner on their phone :-/

This is one of the most innovative printed resume ideas I've seen so far. Seen any better ones yourself? Let me know in the comments below. The genius who came up with this idea can be found at http://victorpetit.fr/ - he's still looking for an internship by the looks of his website.

What's more interesting is that companies are utilising this idea in print media too to make their ads "come to life". Here's Axa's iAd:

Let me know what other cool ideas you've come across that create inspiring print ads and media alike in the comments.

28 June 2012

One of the Best Cards I've Ever Seen

Today I'm posting a congratulations on getting engaged card to a close school friend and I thought rather than be boring lets find something really creative that I can send them. Then I came across this absolute beauty. Forgive the piece of paper over the address details, I'm a numpty for not taking a photo of the envelope before I'd completed the card.

So I think it's safe to say I've selected the correct card for the effect I was after. I love the different textures and themes that are random but somehow complementary to one another. This style of design inspires the random creative in me to chuck pieces together on a canvas and see if they fit or not.

Following this find I decided to track down the artist because I was hoping to see that they had a portfolio of inspirational print designs such as this...and they do! I Googled PIP STUDIO which I found on the front of the envelope and found their website. You can see more of their work here.

I'm just hoping she appreciates the card. It took hours to find in a little old shop in Essex.

27 June 2012

Black and White Magazine Print

I love having a flick through new music and design mags. It's a personal treat that I don't mind forking out a few quid on rather than just turning to their blogs or online mags. It feels old school and authentic. Before I start sounding like an old fogey saying "things were better in the old days" I'll get on with the design aspect of this article.

I love anime and any kind of animation art which is why the article below caught my eye. The Cap'tain art on the right looks like it should be on a printed tee for a skate clothing brand. The use of shading has created imagery within blocks of black colour, making the ACRESS logo on the left readable and artistic in the way it bleeds onto the page.
The artist behind this maginificent inspiring print work is Pablo Abad. I'm sure he won't mind a little plug to his portfolio which can be found at Pablo Abad's Website.

Any suggestions for works like this would be greatly appreciated. I love this artwork in particular. Expect to see more catching pieces of graffiti/ anime on Wednesday. Truly inspiring design!

26 June 2012

Tuesday is Movie Day

I'm thinking that Tuesday is the day that we begin sharing inspirational and icononic movie posters by renowned artists. This week's favourite is by the world class Drew Struzan, a great inspiration to print artists everywhere.

His authentic hand painted movie posters have withstood the tests of time and still inspire print artists today looking to compete in the digital age. Today's favourite is from the classic movie Bladerunner.

More incredible works from his portfolio can be found at http://www.drewstruzan.com/

25 June 2012

Say Hello to Inspiring Print

Welcome to Inspiring Print. The idea behind this blog is to provide you (my lovely visitors) with inspiring print design for whatever projects you may endeavour. You might be creating wallpaper, original business cards, flyers, banners, whatever. I just hope you'll find something here that helps from my favourite and most inspiring finds.

"I just came to say hello" (Martin Solveig & Dragonette)...

Hello Conversation Card

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