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22 August 2012

5 Of Our Favourite Free Fonts

Fonts are one of the most attractive features of marketing that captivate the attention of consumers all over the world. Of course it is perceptual as to what attracts who, however, most of us can gauge what looks good within our community, and on a bigger scale our nationality, to gain as much positive attention as possible.

Many designers attempt to create their own fonts to maintain originality within their work, however, for those who focus more on the other design aspects and less on the font, there are a multitude of free font sites available across the web which will allow the use of them for modificiation, commercial gain, etc. This noted, we've found a few fonts across the web that we quite look the like of.

So without further ado, here's our 5 favourite free fonts!

1. Scribble Box

2.  Nova Solid

 3. A Ripping Yarn

4. Masterplan

5. Media Blackout

24 July 2012

Movie Day - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

This week I decided to make an effort to find one of the worst films created with something cool about the artistic work put into its film poster. Today's example is an absolute beauty and reeks of a horror movie on a tight budget making it a good cult film if you're going to get technical. This week it's Attack of the Tomatoes.

Image Source

There's a couple of features I really like about this film poster. I love the retro font that's been created as it reminds me of great films like The Running Man and Tron in addition to the Pac Man gaming generation. What I also love is the print quality as its like a classic comic book overlay. It's a poster that would attract me to watch the film only to discover it was a total stinker. For your pleasure though, here's the trailer:

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