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28 June 2012

One of the Best Cards I've Ever Seen

Today I'm posting a congratulations on getting engaged card to a close school friend and I thought rather than be boring lets find something really creative that I can send them. Then I came across this absolute beauty. Forgive the piece of paper over the address details, I'm a numpty for not taking a photo of the envelope before I'd completed the card.

So I think it's safe to say I've selected the correct card for the effect I was after. I love the different textures and themes that are random but somehow complementary to one another. This style of design inspires the random creative in me to chuck pieces together on a canvas and see if they fit or not.

Following this find I decided to track down the artist because I was hoping to see that they had a portfolio of inspirational print designs such as this...and they do! I Googled PIP STUDIO which I found on the front of the envelope and found their website. You can see more of their work here.

I'm just hoping she appreciates the card. It took hours to find in a little old shop in Essex.

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