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24 September 2012

Crayola Makes a Comeback by Melting

How well do you remember the art lessons you were taught in primary school? My fondest memories included the use of Crayola crayons to colour in our pencil drawings. There was always something fascinating about the shiny silver and gold colours, which usually lead to petty classroom fights over who got to use them next.

The majority of our “art” back then could be broadly described as inventive scribbles now. You never quite master how to get that stick of wax to stay within the lines until you’re an older age. I guess it depends on your interpretation of what art is at the end of the day.

The new popular art form using crayons no longer includes drawing the way we did when we were young. Instead people have been using a combination of canvas, sticky tape and a hairdryer to make something pretty with ease.

Image courtesy of amslerPIX
It’s fairly simple to make. All you have to do is fix a number of crayons to the top of a blank canvas using double sided tape or possibly PVA glue and make sure the tops of them are pointing towards the bottom of the canvas. The next step is to plug in your hairdryer and melt them to a point where you can start blowing the colours into one another. Finally you leave it to set. Simple!

There have been adaptations of this cool medium, which integrate other art forms alongside this simple technique. The example below is taken from http://www.etsy.com/listing/87669543/custom-melted-crayon-art-with-your.

To find out more about how you can make your very own piece of melted crayon art click here.

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