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26 July 2012

Amazing Flipbook Animations

Animation is one of the best ways that a simple drawing can be brough to life with patience, attention to detail and good vision from the artist. The fact that 24 frames are needed to produce one second of film puts the hard work invested into its creation into perspective. Aparently, we only ever see six unqiue frames per second, however, there could be animations where every frame in unique, in which case the artists must have the patience of a Saint and the determination to see their work take form.

Looking back at GCSE art in high school I remember a lesson I was taught in creating flipbook animations. This equated to nothing more advanced than drawings of stick men running about or walking at the time but was the concept upon which animation was constructed.

Following this trip down memory land I decided to source some of my favourite hand-drawn flipbook animations I'd seen on the internet. Enjoy!

Matrix Style Flipbook Animation

Sonic The Hedgehog

Winter Gloves - Let Me Drive Music Video

The Samurai Showdown

What's Your Favourite Flipbook Animation?

Let me know if you have a favourite flipbook animation in the comments section below. I love to find new talent like this and give praise to all of the artists who created these astonishing pieces of work.

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