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25 September 2012

Movie Day - Warrior

Last weekend my brother introduced me to this film on Netflix. It had good reviews and was about MMA so instantly I was hooked. I was cautious about this one though after being bitterly disappointed with Channing Tatum's efforts at MMA in Fighting.

Starring Joel Edgerton as the man fighting to keep his family's roof over their heads and Tom Hardy as an absolute animal (pre-Bane) who is fighting to support his departed military comrade's family, whilst rivalling his brother over dark family history, this film is inspirational to those who train for any contact sports from the training through to the fights themselves.

The movie poster for Warrior is similar to the promotional boxing posters advertising big upcoming fights. This is achieved using a blacked out environment with a small light source on one side of the actors. Each image is of course shot separately and then stitched together with black space in between them for the text to impact in the way that it does.

The black and white theme is very strong and gives you a sense of the drama involved with the storyline. Somehow there is mild warmth provided with the orange/ gold "FIGHT FOR FAMILY" line, which is appropriately placed in relation to the character. Perhaps an effect that colour has on our beings at a subconscious level.

As a comparison, here's the Tyson vs Holyfield fight poster, which is a similar fight promotion poster that the Warrior's film poster is based on.


27 June 2012

Black and White Magazine Print

I love having a flick through new music and design mags. It's a personal treat that I don't mind forking out a few quid on rather than just turning to their blogs or online mags. It feels old school and authentic. Before I start sounding like an old fogey saying "things were better in the old days" I'll get on with the design aspect of this article.

I love anime and any kind of animation art which is why the article below caught my eye. The Cap'tain art on the right looks like it should be on a printed tee for a skate clothing brand. The use of shading has created imagery within blocks of black colour, making the ACRESS logo on the left readable and artistic in the way it bleeds onto the page.
The artist behind this maginificent inspiring print work is Pablo Abad. I'm sure he won't mind a little plug to his portfolio which can be found at Pablo Abad's Website.

Any suggestions for works like this would be greatly appreciated. I love this artwork in particular. Expect to see more catching pieces of graffiti/ anime on Wednesday. Truly inspiring design!

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