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29 June 2012

A Great Designer's Resume Should...

...be memorable, amaze and excite right? Thats why today I'm sharing an inspirational and innovative resume that makes me want to put the effort in and create such a cool replication for future employment. After all if you're a designer or creative individual, using a method that utilises QR codes such as this will put you up and over the standard paper format...providing your future employer has a QR code scanner on their phone :-/

This is one of the most innovative printed resume ideas I've seen so far. Seen any better ones yourself? Let me know in the comments below. The genius who came up with this idea can be found at http://victorpetit.fr/ - he's still looking for an internship by the looks of his website.

What's more interesting is that companies are utilising this idea in print media too to make their ads "come to life". Here's Axa's iAd:

Let me know what other cool ideas you've come across that create inspiring print ads and media alike in the comments.

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