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17 September 2012

10 Inspirational Tattoo Ideas

About a year ago I had a tattoo designed and inked by my local tattoo parlour and I must admit I enjoyed it because I knew I was getting something that meant a great deal to me. Everyone focuses on the pain but its comparable to life in a way that you must endure pain at times to get what it is that you really want.

It is evident that plenty of people rush into getting them done as a spur of the moment thing, which is great in some respects e.g. if you're on a holiday and decide to do it because it'll be how you remember that particular holiday (if it has a reason to be so memorable). It is advised though that you really think long and hard about what it is that you want because it is a decision that will be with you all of your life. It took me three years to decide on mine.

Searching for ideas on what you could have done can be a long process which is why I've decided to get 10 of the most inspirational tattoos that I like. Hopefully they’ll help you decide on what you'd like to get done. Let me know what your favourites are in the comments below and leave me any suggestions of your own favourites to check out.

Hopefully you've found something you like in this little collection. Let me know what your favourites were in the comments section.

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