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10 August 2012

5 Pinterest Boards of Design Inspiration

Pinterest has been a great way to create mood boards, bookmark influential designs, and create inspirational design sources for other creative minded individuals. It's easy to get lost in the plethora of beautiful stuff that it offers which is why we've chosen 5 of our favourite Pinterest boards which act as a good resource for those needing inspiration for their design projects.

Want yours included in our next inspirational Pinterest board blog article? Leave a link to it in the comments below.

  1. /paulsvo/illustration/

    This fantastic selection of illustrations by Paulsvo gives all sorts of creative ammunition to artists and designers whose weapon of choice is nothing more than a pen and some paper...maybe even a graphics tablet too.
  2. Click here for Paulsvo's Pinterest Board

  3. /butteredmuffin/inspiring-art/

    Inside of Butteredmuffin's board there is an eclectic combination of artistic styles ranging from graffiti, street art through to sculptures, etc. The main image that grabbed my attention is the one shown below.
  4. Click here for Butteredmuffin's Pinterest Board

  5. /raychap/graffiti-or-art/

    Raychap has a range of graffiti art from different street artists on his board which asks the old question Graffiti or art?
  6. Click here for Raychap's Pinterest Board

  7. /retorta/poster/

    This board is full of really cool and artistic posters of all kinds, mainly of events. Retorta's board is definitely one for designers looking to create cool posters.
  8. Click here for Retorta's Pinterest Board

  9. /peaceluvharmony/artsy-fartsy/

    Peaceluvharmony's board has got some more great examples of street art the most interesting to us is the one shown below.
  10. Click here for Peaceluvharmony's Pinterest Board

17 July 2012

3 Pieces of Poster Worthy Art

First of all apologies for not blogging the last couple of days but I've been insanely busy. Anyway back to the inspiring print for all my lovely readers.

So...there's many times in life when you see a piece of art or design that captivates you to the point where you'd love to have a poster print of it (framed or not) in one of your rooms at home (normally the bedroom). I think its something psycological to do with a piece of your personality being displayed in your living environment. Whatever it is, I've got three great pieces to share that are definitely poster worthy. It's a shame I don't have the space for anything new at the moment.

Roy Lichtenstein'sWhaam!

This great artistic work from the 60s is comic themed and a piece that I've loved since I was a teenager, possibly due to its comic book reference from "All American Men of War".

Image Source

Pink Floyd Back Catalogue

Pink Floyd's awesome album art was beatifully painted onto the backs of the models by Phyllis Cohen and photographed by the very talented Storm Thorgerson. I already have this as a poster in my bedroom!

Image Source

Banksy Tesco

I love Banksy's effort to poke fun at Tesco's dominance in the UK in this piece of graffiti art. Definitely a poster I want in the office.

Image Source

Let me know what you're favourite pieces of artistic work are that you'd have framed and walled in your house in the comments below.

2 July 2012

Linkin Park Art - Shinoda Art

During my teen years I was a great fan of Linkin Park and I guess I still am...although I haven't heard the latest album. After admiring their artistic musical skills I turned my attention to the rapper and keyboard player of the band Mike Shinoda when he launched his side project Fort Minor. Then I later discovered he had created the album artwork for The Rising Tied (the side project album of Fort Minor). I was captivated by the grafitti style and multitude of colours it presented.

Image Source: Flickr
After discovering Shinoda's talents on paper I then sought after his other work to which I discovered his portfolio website http://mikeshinoda.com/ which now contains a running blog and praise to other artistic community projects. Overall I find his graffiti style somewhat unique and reminiscent of what everyone was drawing in their sketchbooks at school as the characters he creates leave an impression, such as the latest Alice In Wonderland themed piece which has taken the 3D form:

Image Source: Shinoda Art

Finding a single home for all of his artwork is becoming a challenge so I'll leave it to you to Google it if you're still fascinated. Some of it can be found here: Shinoda Art.

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