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4 July 2012

Amazing 3D Street Art

I love to see the different imaginitive ways that artists make bring their illustrations to life and so far this one takes the biscuit. A selection of different street artists have moved on from the stereotypical Mary Poppins chimney sweep style to a new and exciting talent, creating 3D illusions and bringing life to their once lifeless designs.

After browsing the internet I've decided to showcase some of my favourites:

Lava Burst

Image Source: Edgar Muller

The Moneypit

Image Source: Kurt Wenner


Image Source: Google Images

To summarise, I love these pieces of street art. The last two interestingly advertise two brands the middle one is for Compare The Market and the bottom one is for an insurance company named HDI. It's true that these street art pieces are captivating to passers-by but what about the incorporation of this style into magazines and flyers? These inspirational artists leave me wondering whether or not the same effect can be created through traditional print media.

3 July 2012

Tuesday is Movie Day

That's right, today is the second installment of Movie Tuesday. This is a chance for me to find my favourite film poster from the collection of movies I've admired the artwork for. The majority of these posters are the hand painted variety rather than digitally created ones, which I prefer to some degree because of the vintage feel it gives to the movie.

This week gives praise to one of the coolest films from the 50s which probably became the kindling for men with fantasies of giant women. That's right this week's favourite is from the movie "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman".
This film poster is a good example of explaining the plot through art in the simplest way possible. Of course it wasn't too hard back in the 50s as the plots weren't as ellaborate as they are now. 

The poster has a James Bond-esque feel to it which is part of the reason as to why I find it one of the most inspirational print pieces out there. Everyone is so caught up in digital arts these days that it would be refreshing to see some creativity take some talent from the past and repurpose it. Imagine a business card with this kind of artwork applied. Impressive right?

This film poster was created by the great Reynold Brown. As you can see from the link, plenty of his works revolved around the 50's fashionable sci-fi movies. Check him out.

2 July 2012

Linkin Park Art - Shinoda Art

During my teen years I was a great fan of Linkin Park and I guess I still am...although I haven't heard the latest album. After admiring their artistic musical skills I turned my attention to the rapper and keyboard player of the band Mike Shinoda when he launched his side project Fort Minor. Then I later discovered he had created the album artwork for The Rising Tied (the side project album of Fort Minor). I was captivated by the grafitti style and multitude of colours it presented.

Image Source: Flickr
After discovering Shinoda's talents on paper I then sought after his other work to which I discovered his portfolio website http://mikeshinoda.com/ which now contains a running blog and praise to other artistic community projects. Overall I find his graffiti style somewhat unique and reminiscent of what everyone was drawing in their sketchbooks at school as the characters he creates leave an impression, such as the latest Alice In Wonderland themed piece which has taken the 3D form:

Image Source: Shinoda Art

Finding a single home for all of his artwork is becoming a challenge so I'll leave it to you to Google it if you're still fascinated. Some of it can be found here: Shinoda Art.

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