16 October 2012

The Fall Movie Poster (TuVie Day)

Last weekend I stumbled across this movie, as my folks were half hour into it when I walked through the front door and sank into the couch ready to be captivated. To be honest it’s less about the poster this week than it is about the beauty of this great film that in its own right is a fantastic piece of visual art.

The locations and scenes within the movie are wonderfully directed, transporting you from a 1920s infirmary to a fantasy world and back through the stories of a stunt man to a little girl who has also been admitted for a broken arm.

I don’t want to give a great deal of the plot away other than that but if you watch the trailer you’ll get a great idea of what the film is about and witness a handful of the incredible scenes that combine to form this awesome movie.

The poster for The Fall is actually very reflective of the themes and scenes within the movie from the Taj Mahal outline to the butterfly nose. The main character in the fantasy story, “The Masked Bandit”, is displayed to the left with the little girl from the film’s eyes in the centre of the poster, making this design one that gives you everything from the film but no clear idea of the relevance they have. This is definitely one you will have to watch to find out more.

Check out the trailer for The Fall below:

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