17 July 2012

3 Pieces of Poster Worthy Art

First of all apologies for not blogging the last couple of days but I've been insanely busy. Anyway back to the inspiring print for all my lovely readers.

So...there's many times in life when you see a piece of art or design that captivates you to the point where you'd love to have a poster print of it (framed or not) in one of your rooms at home (normally the bedroom). I think its something psycological to do with a piece of your personality being displayed in your living environment. Whatever it is, I've got three great pieces to share that are definitely poster worthy. It's a shame I don't have the space for anything new at the moment.

Roy Lichtenstein'sWhaam!

This great artistic work from the 60s is comic themed and a piece that I've loved since I was a teenager, possibly due to its comic book reference from "All American Men of War".

Image Source

Pink Floyd Back Catalogue

Pink Floyd's awesome album art was beatifully painted onto the backs of the models by Phyllis Cohen and photographed by the very talented Storm Thorgerson. I already have this as a poster in my bedroom!

Image Source

Banksy Tesco

I love Banksy's effort to poke fun at Tesco's dominance in the UK in this piece of graffiti art. Definitely a poster I want in the office.

Image Source

Let me know what you're favourite pieces of artistic work are that you'd have framed and walled in your house in the comments below.

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