14 August 2012

Movie Day - The Dark Knight Rises

Two weeks ago I watched the outstanding Dark Knight Rises film, Christopher Nolan's final instalment of the awesome Batman trilogy. I understand that it has a completely different and darker take on The Caped Crusader compared to its previous versions; however, in my opinion this has been the greatest of all the Batman films created…ever!

The artistic creation of the film poster for this great movie managed to keep the majority of the plot on the Q.T. until its premiere. Now that I’ve seen the film it makes much more sense to me and for now I don’t want to give too much away as I know there’s still people out there who haven’t seen it. All I’ll say is that the “Rise” is quite literal and the poster reflects that particular scene.

So for your enjoyment here is one of the official Dark Knight Rises film posters, followed by the movie trailer:

Image Source

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Trailer

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