6 September 2012

I'm Not Listening, Too Busy Doodling

I just got off the phone on a conversation that felt like it was dragging on and repeating the same messages over and over. After the second repitition I lost interest and my pen invetably met my notepad. I scribbled.

I continued to scribble until the ink started to form something visually appealing until the point where I had to engage in conversation again. This procrastination did get me thinking though. Why do we scribble and what does it mean? Is there design potential in all of us, as I'd believe it impossible to find a single person who hasn't ever doodled in a moment of boredom?

Following the conversation, I've decided to find and share some of the most ellaborate designs that could've potentially begun as a doodle of boredoom. Let me know if you like them and also if you think you've got something really creative you'd like to share on Inspiring Print then message me in the comments.




I only know where a few of this awesome creations come from so if you created one of these let me know so I can give you a lil shout out!

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