10 September 2012

Inspiring Print on Google Plus

So I've decided to show my face, some of it anyway, on Google+ as I understand that this is one of the biggest social networks for bloggers. Hmm. First thoughts: it is so much cleaner than Facebook with a hell of a lot more thought about design. I like the white space, almost Apple-esque with applications that animate as fluent as water.

It's a brilliant thing really where you can discuss on exact topics i.e. if I want to have a little chat about graphic design then I'd just search it in the bar at the top. Loads of results from other users come up in the stream and you can comment with them, add your own content to the discussion, and even start a video call on one of the topics with the author. How cool!

If you feel like you want to add me to your "circles" then feel free to do so. My profile can be found at: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105101232482044741860/posts.

The weather seems to have done a complete 360 today so hopefully I'll find some nice inspiration to keep you readers entertained later on when that Monday feeling really kicks in. P.S. if you have any stuff you'd like to share through my blog i.e. creations you've made, stuff you like the look of or even news from the globe just drop me a message through my Google+ account or even send me an email at inspiringprint{at}gmail.com.

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