10 July 2012

Movie Day - Pulp Fiction

This week's inspirational movie poster is from one of Quentin Tarantino's hit films Pulp Fiction. This creative piece of work depicts an image of Uma Thurman that sums up the theme of the movie with objects relevant to the plot placed on the bed in front of her.

The title Pulp "Fiction" is played with in the design to make it look like the cover of a well read and travelled paper back novel. Even the corner is "dog eared".

Image Source: Google Images

The reason for this film poster's inclusion is the Cult packaging it applies to a non-cult film. I love the font used and the imagery is one that always rings to memory when thinking of Quentin Tarantino, a similar memory commitment that many of his fans also potentially share.

One of the artistic companies behind this historic film poster is Tarhan Creative who also created poster artwork for Kill Bill, Chicago, and the Scream movie franchines. The other is Indika Entertainment Advertising who are responsible for the film posters of Oceans Eleven and Snatch.

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