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9 August 2012

The Psychology of Colour in Design Test

Colour is something we all as human beings take for granted as we are born with this fascinating privilege of colourful sight, unless if you’re born blind of course. For the majority of us, colour is a major catalyst of universal design that evokes a wide variety of emotions – although it is perceptual to each individual’s experiences in life i.e. red can be associated to passion and love for one person and mean something completely different to another individual, most likely in another part of the world.

By understanding the environment in which we intend to unleash our designs, we can spark the desired emotional response to create an affinity from consumer to creation – something that many businesses seek to create in order to maximise the sale of their products or services.

For designers in the Western world who intend to release their illustrations on their local demographic, the desire is there to always follow the curve, as businesses do, and create a red heart for example as you know that it is socially acceptable and the affinity to love is expected. But is there something more to be had from confusing the senses of your expecting audience? This is where the study of psychological response to colour can make your design become “off the wall”.

Using the example of the heart, I’ve presented a few images I’ve pulled from Flickr below which show a standard illustrative heart in different colours.

Let me know what your emotional response is to each of them in the comments below telling me which country you’re from so we can see if there’s any difference between nationalities.

 1. Green Heart

2. Red Heart

3. Wood Heart

It will be interesting to see what the results of this psychological test present. I will present an in-depth discussion on the topic following its results in a month's time. Please comment your responses to the designs presented above below.

2 August 2012

Newbie Photographer Resources and Advice

Prior to this blog I was a photographer for a small nightclub in the London area and it taught me a lot about how to use my Canon 1000D SLR in low lighting to get some really cool shots (with the aid of a flashgun of course).

As well as trial and error I searched the web for advice and tutorials on how to use my SLR camera effectively to create impressive photos that patrons of the club would want to use and share. This lead to the discovery of multiple blogs, infographics and video tutorials which I'd like to share with you awesome readers in this blog post. Just keep in mind that when I started my photography job I was a noob so some of this information might not be of interested to advanced SLR users, however, it's always good to go back to the basics every now and then.

The Photography Cheat Sheet

This is a recent infographic that I stumbled upon by Miguel Gantioqui which explains the basic settings of SLRs and the effect it will have on the image you shoot. This is a great resource for SLR owners who are deciding to use the manual settings of the camera for the first time. More experienced users will understand that it is a balance of the different functions within this infographic that contribute to the quality/ style of image you want to produce. Therefore, for the noobs out there, don't stick to just modifying one setting. Play around.


YouTube Channels for Video Tutorials

Like anyone else looking on how to do stuff, I YouTubed it. So rather than having you waste your time looking for the decent quality channels on photography I'm going to give you a quick list of the ones I'd recommend:
Short list right? If anyone has any other channels they'd recommend or individual videos they rate highly for noob SLR photographers then please add then to the comments section of this post. After all it's all about learning right?

Photography Forums

There's a lot of value to be gained from becomming a member of online communities as you can get honest feedback and advice from a broad spectrum of users, from noob to expert. There are a couple that I checked out which were pretty good reads so if you feel like it sign up to them and get asking. If not just have a read of the stuff they're talking about, you'll learn quite a bit this way.

The forums I took at look at were:
If anyone has a range of forums they checked out when they were starting out/ that they are still a member of, please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below.

That's all for now...

I hope you've found some use in the resoureces that I've provided above. I hope new users of SLRs can learn a whole lot from this and then go on to adapt these teachings to find their own methods. Don't forget the value in post-production as photo editing software such as Photoshop can add a whole other dimension to your images. I'll discuss this in another blog article some other day. Happy learning!

31 July 2012

Movie Day - Chariots of Fire

To continue the Olympic theme throughout my blog this week, I've decided to make this Tuesday's film poster of the week an iconic movie in Olympic circles (or rings). This week's film poster is Chariots of Fire.

Image Source: http://www.impawards.com/1981/chariots_of_fire_xlg.html

This beautiful photograph depicts the famous scene of the runners on the beach, a key scene used in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics where Mr Bean was added for good old British laughs! It's an inspirational photo for aspiring athletes and one which summarises the movie in a simple fashion. In case you've never heard of it, here's the trailer:

30 July 2012

Usain Bolt Dedication

I know that the intention of this blog is to share inspiration for print designers and artists, however, seeing as it's the London Olympics I couldn't turn down the opportunity to share this amazingly brilliant and artistic haircut dedicated to the Jamaican 100m sprinter Usain Bolt! I'm sure that Team Jamaica will love this one. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below.

Image Source: https://twitter.com/randalwhitmore/status/229919333739003904

Inspirational Olympic Themed Prints

Seeing as my country is the host to the greatest sporting event in the world, I decided it would be nice to share with you my favourite pieces of Olympic themed prints. So far it has been a success in terms of showmanship. Danny Boyle displayed a perfect portrayal of the heritage of Great Britain in his stunning opening ceremony that embodied history, humour, and passion. Performance wise Team GB hasn't had a great start but fingers crossed we'll put it out of the bag.

Scanning the internet I found some controversial pieces of art which I am not going to display today. Instead, the prints I have selected are supportive of the Olympics and its brand. I will save the more controversial works for later on this week ;)

So without further ado here are my favourite Olympic themed prints so far:

Andrew Maunders London 2012 Poster

Image Source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/accessories-for-your-london-olympics-party-174501

Brent Couchman Olympics Poster

Image Source: http://eighthourday.com/blog/best-today-1-2012/

Dieter Braun Olympic London Poster

Image Source: http://www.culturelabel.com/olympics-dieter-braun.html

26 July 2012

Amazing Flipbook Animations

Animation is one of the best ways that a simple drawing can be brough to life with patience, attention to detail and good vision from the artist. The fact that 24 frames are needed to produce one second of film puts the hard work invested into its creation into perspective. Aparently, we only ever see six unqiue frames per second, however, there could be animations where every frame in unique, in which case the artists must have the patience of a Saint and the determination to see their work take form.

Looking back at GCSE art in high school I remember a lesson I was taught in creating flipbook animations. This equated to nothing more advanced than drawings of stick men running about or walking at the time but was the concept upon which animation was constructed.

Following this trip down memory land I decided to source some of my favourite hand-drawn flipbook animations I'd seen on the internet. Enjoy!

Matrix Style Flipbook Animation

Sonic The Hedgehog

Winter Gloves - Let Me Drive Music Video

The Samurai Showdown

What's Your Favourite Flipbook Animation?

Let me know if you have a favourite flipbook animation in the comments section below. I love to find new talent like this and give praise to all of the artists who created these astonishing pieces of work.

24 July 2012

Movie Day - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

This week I decided to make an effort to find one of the worst films created with something cool about the artistic work put into its film poster. Today's example is an absolute beauty and reeks of a horror movie on a tight budget making it a good cult film if you're going to get technical. This week it's Attack of the Tomatoes.

Image Source

There's a couple of features I really like about this film poster. I love the retro font that's been created as it reminds me of great films like The Running Man and Tron in addition to the Pac Man gaming generation. What I also love is the print quality as its like a classic comic book overlay. It's a poster that would attract me to watch the film only to discover it was a total stinker. For your pleasure though, here's the trailer:

17 July 2012

3 Pieces of Poster Worthy Art

First of all apologies for not blogging the last couple of days but I've been insanely busy. Anyway back to the inspiring print for all my lovely readers.

So...there's many times in life when you see a piece of art or design that captivates you to the point where you'd love to have a poster print of it (framed or not) in one of your rooms at home (normally the bedroom). I think its something psycological to do with a piece of your personality being displayed in your living environment. Whatever it is, I've got three great pieces to share that are definitely poster worthy. It's a shame I don't have the space for anything new at the moment.

Roy Lichtenstein'sWhaam!

This great artistic work from the 60s is comic themed and a piece that I've loved since I was a teenager, possibly due to its comic book reference from "All American Men of War".

Image Source

Pink Floyd Back Catalogue

Pink Floyd's awesome album art was beatifully painted onto the backs of the models by Phyllis Cohen and photographed by the very talented Storm Thorgerson. I already have this as a poster in my bedroom!

Image Source

Banksy Tesco

I love Banksy's effort to poke fun at Tesco's dominance in the UK in this piece of graffiti art. Definitely a poster I want in the office.

Image Source

Let me know what you're favourite pieces of artistic work are that you'd have framed and walled in your house in the comments below.

12 July 2012

3 Examples of Cool Pixel Art

As much as I hate to admit that I'm a closeted geek, my taste in art, music, film and even games can paint a fairly good checkered shirted, bow tied, Converse wearing picture (not to be too steroetypical mind). Therefore, my love for pixel art is expected as a fan of early Space Invaders games and Tron. That's why I've decided to share some pieces and artists of pixel art that leave you interpretting as well inspired to create your own simple pieces, pixel by pixel.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers is a very talented artist whose pixel art versions of iconic film characters, such as the cast of Star Wars, has been very well received by fans of the film. My favourite is of Jabba the Hutt but more of Myers' characters amongst his other work can be found on his website: Michael Myers Star Wars Pixel Art.

Pac Man Ghosts

Some clever artist has created Pac Man Ghost versions of iconic film and game characters. A simple pixel artwork that has repurposed the already awesome ghost shapes to form something geekier and more fun.

A Taco?

Here's a perfect example of the a common type of pixel art that would be printed on a canvas and hung up in someone's home. It's suggestive that the image formed is a taco but there is always an element of interpretation needed. Other examples of this style include pixelated bodies which are wearing swim suits that can be interpreted in different ways due to the large pixels and colour choices.

Let's Finish With a Pixel Video

I thought I'd finish with a little YouTube video I found which shows what our world could be like in pixels if the pixel games merged with reality. It is evidently titled Pixels by director Patrick Jean.

If you have any favourite pieces of pixel art please share them in the comments section and I'll share them via Twitter if I'm a fan. Enjoy...

11 July 2012

A Couple of Typography Tips

Recently I've been thinking of different ways that companys or organisations can get their messages across creatively in print media. This lead me to think of typography as an artistic way to do just that. It's been used by many companies previously and is commonly used to illustrate famous people based on their historic quotes, such as this one of Ray Charles:

Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andydoering/4464071577/

Simple Words

If you're deciding to create a cool typography piece to promote an event or just get creative then its worth thinking about what words you're going to use. Say you've got a live music event you're trying to promote, the most obvious choice of words will be the names of the artists and bands performing e.g. Glastonbury could create a tree silhouette from the names of bands.

Some companies might have a big catalogue of products therefore the simplest words to use would be categories or even customer perceptions and values of the brand. A cool example is one of the typography pieces that create a map of the world.

Image source: http://bpblogging.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/11158-world-map-names-country-countries-typography_-colorful.png


Unless if you're trying to create a sketchbook style piece like the Ray Charles example, space should be used to keep the readability of the words. It's the amazing thing about typography art. Two different artistic forms of writing and design come together to create beautiful work. Therefore, let the words you've chosen come through to exploit that secondary artistic style.

For promotional purposes, it won't be good having a cool design that loses the message so space is just as important.


That's all I can advise without going into the technicalilites of the design creation but it's simple yet easy to forget when creating a great jaw-dropping typographic.

If you've got any cool Typography pieces you'd like to share simply post your links to them in the comments section below. I'll pin up the ones I like the most on my Pinterest page when I eventually get that going.

Also, follow me on Twitter if you feel like getting my micro-blogging updates @inspiringprint

Image source: http://dougklembara.com/journal/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/twitter-bird-typography.jpg

10 July 2012

Movie Day - Pulp Fiction

This week's inspirational movie poster is from one of Quentin Tarantino's hit films Pulp Fiction. This creative piece of work depicts an image of Uma Thurman that sums up the theme of the movie with objects relevant to the plot placed on the bed in front of her.

The title Pulp "Fiction" is played with in the design to make it look like the cover of a well read and travelled paper back novel. Even the corner is "dog eared".

Image Source: Google Images

The reason for this film poster's inclusion is the Cult packaging it applies to a non-cult film. I love the font used and the imagery is one that always rings to memory when thinking of Quentin Tarantino, a similar memory commitment that many of his fans also potentially share.

One of the artistic companies behind this historic film poster is Tarhan Creative who also created poster artwork for Kill Bill, Chicago, and the Scream movie franchines. The other is Indika Entertainment Advertising who are responsible for the film posters of Oceans Eleven and Snatch.

9 July 2012

Inspiring Art For My Feature Wall

Soon I will be moving into a new place and thought I'd enjoy a fresh start, therefore, I scanned Pinterest for some great pieces that I could use to create my feature wall. Here are a few inspiring designs that I came across which I'll create similar versions of but either get printed onto wallpaper first or just go for it and paint straight onto the wall. Not sure which yet.

Source: wookmark.com via Katie on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Abigail on Pinterest

Source: xkcd.com via Enrico on Pinterest

I'm hoping to take a little something from each of these to create my masterpiece and this is just a selection of my favourites. I might end up coming up with something else completely different. The joy of it all!

5 July 2012

String Augmented Reality Brings Print to Life

This morning I came across one of the newest and coolest ways to bring print designs to life thanks to a good friend of mine we'll call Mr T. This morning I was introduced to String.

String is a new IOS application which is usable via the iPhone or iPad which creates augmented reality from a series of gorgeous printed designs by the String team themselves. It's hard to explain so it's best I just show you through a YouTube video I've found.

I recommend you try it for yourself because this blew me away in my search for ways to bring print to life. Notice how you can change the angle you're viewing it from to get a different perspective of the augmented image. Information on the app and the prints you can download to create the augmented reality are available at String's website: http://www.poweredbystring.com/.

Think of the possibilities this could present if utlised with 3D Glasses. I hear Google is cracking on with this one but for now this is keeping me entertained. I think if this was placed in a magazine, billboard, train station, wherever, I think it would be an awesome sight for passers-by and a great opportunity for business to advertise themselves.


4 July 2012

Amazing 3D Street Art

I love to see the different imaginitive ways that artists make bring their illustrations to life and so far this one takes the biscuit. A selection of different street artists have moved on from the stereotypical Mary Poppins chimney sweep style to a new and exciting talent, creating 3D illusions and bringing life to their once lifeless designs.

After browsing the internet I've decided to showcase some of my favourites:

Lava Burst

Image Source: Edgar Muller

The Moneypit

Image Source: Kurt Wenner


Image Source: Google Images

To summarise, I love these pieces of street art. The last two interestingly advertise two brands the middle one is for Compare The Market and the bottom one is for an insurance company named HDI. It's true that these street art pieces are captivating to passers-by but what about the incorporation of this style into magazines and flyers? These inspirational artists leave me wondering whether or not the same effect can be created through traditional print media.

3 July 2012

Tuesday is Movie Day

That's right, today is the second installment of Movie Tuesday. This is a chance for me to find my favourite film poster from the collection of movies I've admired the artwork for. The majority of these posters are the hand painted variety rather than digitally created ones, which I prefer to some degree because of the vintage feel it gives to the movie.

This week gives praise to one of the coolest films from the 50s which probably became the kindling for men with fantasies of giant women. That's right this week's favourite is from the movie "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman".
This film poster is a good example of explaining the plot through art in the simplest way possible. Of course it wasn't too hard back in the 50s as the plots weren't as ellaborate as they are now. 

The poster has a James Bond-esque feel to it which is part of the reason as to why I find it one of the most inspirational print pieces out there. Everyone is so caught up in digital arts these days that it would be refreshing to see some creativity take some talent from the past and repurpose it. Imagine a business card with this kind of artwork applied. Impressive right?

This film poster was created by the great Reynold Brown. As you can see from the link, plenty of his works revolved around the 50's fashionable sci-fi movies. Check him out.

2 July 2012

Linkin Park Art - Shinoda Art

During my teen years I was a great fan of Linkin Park and I guess I still am...although I haven't heard the latest album. After admiring their artistic musical skills I turned my attention to the rapper and keyboard player of the band Mike Shinoda when he launched his side project Fort Minor. Then I later discovered he had created the album artwork for The Rising Tied (the side project album of Fort Minor). I was captivated by the grafitti style and multitude of colours it presented.

Image Source: Flickr
After discovering Shinoda's talents on paper I then sought after his other work to which I discovered his portfolio website http://mikeshinoda.com/ which now contains a running blog and praise to other artistic community projects. Overall I find his graffiti style somewhat unique and reminiscent of what everyone was drawing in their sketchbooks at school as the characters he creates leave an impression, such as the latest Alice In Wonderland themed piece which has taken the 3D form:

Image Source: Shinoda Art

Finding a single home for all of his artwork is becoming a challenge so I'll leave it to you to Google it if you're still fascinated. Some of it can be found here: Shinoda Art.

29 June 2012

A Great Designer's Resume Should...

...be memorable, amaze and excite right? Thats why today I'm sharing an inspirational and innovative resume that makes me want to put the effort in and create such a cool replication for future employment. After all if you're a designer or creative individual, using a method that utilises QR codes such as this will put you up and over the standard paper format...providing your future employer has a QR code scanner on their phone :-/

This is one of the most innovative printed resume ideas I've seen so far. Seen any better ones yourself? Let me know in the comments below. The genius who came up with this idea can be found at http://victorpetit.fr/ - he's still looking for an internship by the looks of his website.

What's more interesting is that companies are utilising this idea in print media too to make their ads "come to life". Here's Axa's iAd:

Let me know what other cool ideas you've come across that create inspiring print ads and media alike in the comments.

28 June 2012

One of the Best Cards I've Ever Seen

Today I'm posting a congratulations on getting engaged card to a close school friend and I thought rather than be boring lets find something really creative that I can send them. Then I came across this absolute beauty. Forgive the piece of paper over the address details, I'm a numpty for not taking a photo of the envelope before I'd completed the card.

So I think it's safe to say I've selected the correct card for the effect I was after. I love the different textures and themes that are random but somehow complementary to one another. This style of design inspires the random creative in me to chuck pieces together on a canvas and see if they fit or not.

Following this find I decided to track down the artist because I was hoping to see that they had a portfolio of inspirational print designs such as this...and they do! I Googled PIP STUDIO which I found on the front of the envelope and found their website. You can see more of their work here.

I'm just hoping she appreciates the card. It took hours to find in a little old shop in Essex.

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